Tom Hits His Head Tom Putnam comedy 10:14 USA
Ever since Tom hit his head he's been getting dizzy spells, indulging in Ebay, and having conversations with the devil... website

Curly Oxide: Welcome to the Millennium Chris Cassidy music video 03:46 USA
A 6' 8" Hasidic man wandered into the Right Bank Café (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) one evening in December of '99 while Vic Thrill and The Rev. Vince Anderson were nearly destroying the place in a performance. He was very taken by the show and wound up hanging around The Vic Thrill Salon, where he addictively watched 6 hours of MTV a day. The combination of being brought up in such an insular community with his only portal to the mainstream through MTV, created a sort of a Hasidic Rock & Roll Chauncey Gardner. Curly Oxide is a true "larger then life" character, expressing himself beyond the breakwater of irony.

Anomalous Humanite Sin Silva experimental 09:27 USA
Don’t miss your only opportunity to witness the infamous Morgatorium of the Reverend Spookagori, collector of the Absurd and Unnatural, Horrid and Horrific Abominations of Creation and Mankind! Presented in diabolic stereoscopic Sin-A-Vision! website
Sledge Lance J. Reha drama 12:05 USA
A decrepit warehouse on a stormy night is the backdrop for aging ex-con man Frank Kelly's worst nightmare. While enduring a savage beating at the hands of local mobsters, he remains steadfast, refusing to reveal the location of a large sum of stolen money they make claim to. But as Frank soon learns, greed is thicker than blood as the ultimate act of betrayal awaits him. website
Kraqhaus Jeans Frank Harding comedy 00:38 USA
A girl walks into a crowded club. She is the center of attention. People stare, people exclaim, people openly lust. Could it be because her ass is halfway out of her pants? You'll just have to watch and find out.
Bum Runner Steve Herold & Kurt Christiansen comedy 09:05 USA
Finally, an epic film about bums... and shopping carts! Oatmeal and Hat are your average, ordinary bums. Like everyone else they just want to retire and live the “Good Life”. But how? By stealing tin cans of course! To do this they’ll have to escape the evil Can Man and all of his henchmen. Let the chase begin! Featuring Fred "Rerun" Berry (What's Happening) and Floyd Vivino (The Uncle Floyd Show, Good Morning Vietnam). website
Vic Thrill: Wailing Wall Chris Cassidy music video 03:45 USA
Loosely based on the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the song is a cathartic scream of yearning to be free of all anxiety and inhibition. The video itself was a pressure release for the people that made it, not to let a lack of funds spoil their vision of doing something on par with major commercial productions, while having a blast doing it.
Scrooge McDunk Brian Russo comedy 08:32 USA
Scrooge McDunk, the world's horniest millionaire explorer, has spent a life on the open sea looking for 'booty'. But when his son (the product of a one night stand with a drunken mermaid) comes out of the closet,
McDunk must deal with his son's sexuality the only way he knows how.... a magical voyage of gettin' ass!
Is It Time To Swap? Daedalus Howell & Jerry Rapp comedy 05:10 USA
In this installment of the mythical R&H Educational Films Series, Jane, Stuart, Sarah and Roger have known each other a long time -- but have they truly known each other? In other words... Is it time to swap? Filmed on location at Universal Studios, these short films will air on Showtime throughout 2003 website
Sonic Burlesque Chuck Statler comedy 44:05 USA
Ed Wood meets Ed Sullivan on Public Access TV. A lo-concept/no-budget musical variety program showcasing the unique talents of El Vez, Dave Thomas (Pere Ubu), Tiny Tim, Babes in Toyland, James Chance and a host of additional musical and "performance" artists.