Sept. 22nd, 2001
1:00pm Program

Mermaids of Brooklyn
Maddy Lederman
Experimental. Super8. 2:18.
Mermaids of Brooklyn is a quick adventure through The Mermaid Parade, a decadent folly celebrating summer in Coney Island.
The Transformation
Barry Strugatz
Comedy. 35mm. 25:07. 1999.

Inspired by a cinematic hero, a downtrodden mail room clerk undergoes a magical transformation.
Experimental. Super8. 5:25. 2001.

10,082 are the total number of minutes magician David Blaine spent buried alive. 10,082 is a meditation on movement and confinement, illuminated by footage of Blaine’s feat, shot one frame-per-minute over a 12 hour period.
Times Square “CHANGE”
Nick Oddo
Documentary. Video. 11:24. 2001.

Locals and residents talk about the tremendous change that has swept through Times Square in recent years. Their dialogue illuminates colorful places of the past such as Hubert’s Museum, where a trained flea circus and human freakshow were the main attractions.
Jeremiah Kipp
Drama. Video. 5:56. 2001.

Hamlet obsessively searches for the spirit of his beloved father, but in this re-telling of Shakespeare’s play the castle is an abandoned, graffiti-covered warehouse and the kingdom is Manhattan.
Ghoul of My Dreams
Marah Amberlyn Strauch
Experimental. 16mm. 5:20. 2000.

Borrowing the visual language of vintage horror films Ghoul of My Dreams blends nightmare and comedy. Stella’s mild-mannered boyfriend suddenly transforms into a mysterious stranger who pursues her through the streets of Coney Island.
Mr. Dangle
Mary Gregory
Comedy. 16mm. 8:46. 2001.

A film about denial and the common man. Fred Dangle gets thrown out of his house and happily takes up residence on his own front porch
Snake & Squirrel: Pork
Douglas L. Darnell
Animation. Video. 0:48. 2001.
In this installment of the animated series Snake and Squirrel have a bit of a disagreement over lunch.
CCCP vs. St. Valentina
Sergei Aniskov
2001. Video. 6:08. Animation.

One filmmaker’s animated reaction to “the growing madness around the world, and in Russia in particular”.
Sally and Angela
Mark Wilkinson
Comedy. 35mm. 12:00. 1998 .

Sally and Angela tells the story of one ill-fated pair of professional killers. If the siblings weren't cursed by their own ineptitude, thwarted by their 1970 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, and sick and tired of each other, they would be truly dangerous.


Jesus Was So Cool
Anthony Durrazo
Comedy. Super8. 1:45. 1998.

Jesus was so cool, no wonder there are so many Christians.
Jammin’ on the One
Vincent Bova
Comedy. Video. 19:30. 2000.

The trials and tribulations of a guitar band’s rise to nothing. You will laugh. You will cry. You’ll be hungry for more.
Michael Ivester & Larry Morris.
Comedy. Video. 14:49. 2001.

An accidental outing to Coney Island is filled with wonder and discovery.
The Bootlegger
Bo Price
Comedy. Video. 13:06. 2001 .

A bootlegger builds a small empire selling concert tapes in New York’s East Village. When the internet puts street peddlers out of business he uses his old equipment in a blackmail scheme - with unexpected results.

Sept. 22nd 2001
4:00pm Program

Wonderland USA
Zoe Beloff
Experimental. 35mm. 5:06.1989.

Lured by a lonely writer, Alice finds herself falling into a wonderland of decadence and despair; a New York nether world of lost souls and cut-rate charlatans hawking broken dreams and cheap perversions. Set in the ruins of Coney Island and Times Square, the film brings to life the underside of Lewis Caroll’s classic. Featuring Ezster Balint (Stranger Than Paradise) and John Cale (The Velvet Underground).
The Four Questions
Myles Reiff
Comedy. Video. 8:24. 2000.

An intimate portrait of a New York City street performance group, The Four Questions, follows a doomed trio of dispossessed entertainers as they desperately try to keep their harmony.
I remember
Takafumi Ide
Experimental. Video & Super8. 6:08. 1993.

An evocative montage of intimate images and sound exploring memory and nostalgia.
Michael Sandoval
Experimental. 16mm. 3:42. 2001.

A man loses his daughter at a seaside amusement park. He’d get her back, if an over-friendly clown would just get out of his way.
Pennies for Beer
Matthew T.
Drama. Super8. 3:45. 2001.

A film following the time-honored tradition of turning seemingly useless copper into sweet, sweet beer. Realism so fine you can smell the hops.
One Show Business
Colman deKay
Documentary. Video. 6:02. 2001.
Legendary showman Ward Hall reflects on his life’s work as he prepares to take the last traveling sideshow on the road for another season.
Chel White
Experimental. 35mm. 4:20. 1998.

A man’s strange obession with dirt starts as a childhood game, but eventually manifests itself on a most surreal level. This off-beat ecological parable is an allegory for individuality and self-sufficency.
Mr. Rose
Jay Giampietro
Comedy. Video. 30:00. 2001.

Mr. Rose details the in-school interactions of a music teacher with a donut fetish and a passion for power rock, and the seveth graders who drive him to the brink of insanity.


On Steel Rails
Christina Puzzilla
Animation. 16mm 4:42. 2000.
An animated journey by train depicts the sights and sounds that make train travel both unique and magical.
S. J. Penry
Experimental. Video & Super8, 13:33. 2001.

A young girl travels with no destination and encounters other lonely travelers like herself. Past and present, motion and rest, Evangeline explores dualities.
M. Frank
Experimental. 16mm & Video. 5:38. 2000.

A forward-walking girl in a backward-moving society is ostracized for being different.
Joe Schmo
Greg Feldman
Drama. 16mm. 27:46. 1999.

Part narrative, part documentary, Joe Schmo is the story of a little person actor struggling to get a part as an average-sized person. Constantly being cast as the typical leprechaun, munchkin, Christmas elf, etc., Joe is stuck in the same old type-casting rut. But beneath his theatrical aspirations, Joe harbours a different fantasy.
The Greatest Show On Earth
Anne Paas
Drama. 16mm. 3:37. 2000.

Amidst the dilapidated and obsolete carnival surroundings, a dwarf abandons his life at the sideshow. Seeking solace, he is instead confronted by specters of exploitation and mockery, in what proves to be his greatest act yet.
Marcus Wagner
Drama. 16mm. 9:07. 1999.

It’s All Hallow’s Eve on Coney Island. Two costumed kids, Sara the precocious kitty-cat and her little pumpkin-brother Joey, are denied entrance to the Freakshow by a sinister barker. The kids sneak inside, in search of treats and freaks, but as the tall tale is told, a lesson does unfold - curiosity can kill a cat and no pumpkin’s ripe until it’s fat!

Sept. 22nd 2001
7:00pm Program

Cici Galaxy
Kevin Mutch & Melissa Murray
Live Action / Animation. Video. 6:00. 2000.

Cici Galaxy merges fashion dolls, action figures, and real actors into a bizarre comic universe where every alien is desperate for a date.
H.R. Pukenshette
Steve Herold
Comedy. 16mm. 10:29. 2000.
A “tribute” to the happy-go-lucky television shows of Sid & Marty Krofft. H.R. Pukenshette is the film for any guy who’s ever been dumped... and then tries to drink himself to death.
The Instruction Manual for the Human Body
Katie Bruggeman.
Experimental. 16mm. 4:42. 2001.

A fucked-up version of Sesame Street education. Instruction Manual for the Human Body is a visual dictionary for the nihilistic, the un-spiritual, the helpless in terms of listening to their body’s reprimands.
The Flesh is Willing
Todd Verow
Experimental. Super8. 9:42. 1990.
Using ancient romance novels as dialog and footage compiled while under the influence, The Flesh is Willing tells the tale of a bisexual heroine destined for the big time, or at least a better frock. "That's a very yummy dress."
Shari Rothfarb
Drama. 16mm. 15:43. 1997.
A contemporary folktale with an age-old lesson: that out of death, new or renewed life can be drawn forth. Twelve-year-old Rose faces desperate challenge of saving herself from her abusive stepfather. Taking control of this traumatic scenario, she achieves empowerment through an unlikely source: roadkill.
The Magician
The Great Fredini
Live Action / Animation. 3:00. 1999.

A brilliant but evil magician draws his powers from an otherworldly source.
Hello Kitty
Noel Dowd & Lin Gathright
Comedy. Video. 11:37. 1999.

After too much fun (and too much vodka) a woman wakes up to the horror of a badly chosen one-night stand. As she creeps back to her apartment her “walk of shame” becomes an increasingly surreal, and humiliating adventure!
Low Flame
Howie Statland
Music Video. Video. 17:25. 1999.
Told through music and images, Low Flame is the story of a garbage man who is unable to deal with his reality. Through two mystical women and a family made of trash, he comes to terms with himself and his need for love.


A Code of Courage
Kevin Walsh
Experimental. 16mm & Video. 2:36. 2001.

A man trapped in a voyeuristic dream world, wakes to find that perhaps it was not a dream after all.
Joe LaPenna
Drama. 35mm. 12:02. 2001.
An affecting portrait of two people and the love they’ve shared for fifty-five years. Watching his wife Janice slowly fade away without a single memory of their life together becomes a painful burden for Meemo.
Nora Mae
Neal A. Corl
Drama. 16mm. 4:21. 2001.
Expressionistic montage and voice-over divulge the could-be love story of Man and the charming burlesque dancer Nora Mae.
Leo Curbelo
Comedy. Video. 8:02. 2001.

A black-comedy about a lonely Frenchman down to his last pack of stogies whose encounter with a distressed mademoiselle leads to a whirlwind love affair and a philosophical climax.
Shawn Durr
Comedy. Video. 26:08. 1999.

Mom always said, "Boys who eat meat are bad, boys who even think about meat are bad . . . " What's a young, sexually confused boy to do?

Sept. 22nd 2001
10:00pm Program

In the Red
Lucy Weismann
Comedy. 16mm. 3:55. 2001.

A woman’s period may seem like a drag, but only to those uninitiated in the exciting and creative uses of menstrual blood. In the Red explores the flip side of “the curse”.
Ecstasy in Entropy
Nick Zedd
Experimental. 16mm. 17:12. 1999.
A mountain of writhing superflesh, sweat glistening, warrior lapdancers debate revolution while pondering an amazon Armageddon. Featuring Annie Sprinkle, Brenda Bergman. Taylor Mead, Bob, Jaiko Suzuki, Mike Diana, Jennifer Blowdryer.
The Green Room
Usama Alshaibi
Experimental. Video. 6:15. 2001.

In The Green Room a couple waits anticipating their own performance - in a place where anything is possible and nothing is genuine. A counselor/documentarian probes into the most intimate issues within their relationship. This couple's break down in communication translates into frustrated and impatient digital pleasure.
Plugged In
Kristie Drew.
Experimental. Video. 5:33. 2001.

Echo wakes up in heat, with an insatiable desire for electronic sound and household appliances.
Gang Girls 2000
Katrina del Mar.
Experimental. Super8. 25:51. 2000.

Gang Girls 2000 neatly parodies the tough girl roughie genre of the 60's and 70's. When a legendary Brooklyn gang, the Sluts, invade their turf, the Lower East Side Glitter Girls are hell-bent for revenge. But a clandestine visit to Chinatown for supplies runs them afoul of the Blades. Next thing they know, things escalate into an all-out rumble at Coney Island!
La Suture
Michelle Handelman
Experimental. Video. 8:45. 2000.

An attic, a giant sewing needle and an anit-gravity fairytale of sibling rivalry. Three sisters fight over who gets the biggest phallus.
The Lonely
Mark Doyle & Bruno Derlin
Experimental. 16mm, 18:29. 2001.

A trio of tales inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and LeFanu’s Carmilla. A man’s search for love and companionship takes him through a dream world where “creatures of the night” reign.


Chad Cardin
Comedy. Super8. 2:27. 2001.

A young female phalophile blurs the line between food and sex for her unsuspecting boyfriend.
Rainbow’s Child
Adrian Salsgiver
Documentary. 16mm. 15:05. 2001.

Adrian is an openly gay teenager reveling in the freedom of New York City in the late 1970’s until a trip home to Syracuse alters the course of his life.
I Should Get Mugged Everyday
Francis Xavier
Drama. Video. 24:46. 2001.
A girl falling for a guy.... with good guys, bad guys and five million dollars.
The Operation
Jacob Pander.
Experimental. 16mm on video. 12:45. 1995.

Radioactive sex draws the viewer into an erotic experience that probes beneath the boundary of skin. Shot in b&w infrared, technology transforms the familiar map of the human body into a new and fantastic landscape of disturbing beauty.