Sept. 22st, 2002
2:00pm Program

Sunday Breakfast NYC
William Schwartz
Documentary. Video. 12:00. 2001. USA.
A simple question serves as the catalyst for a fascinating journey into the minds, hearts and stomachs of the quirky denizens of New York City. Part psychological inquiry, part character study, and part human comedy, with a meditation on what makes Sundays different from every other day. Using the various neighborhoods of Manhattan as a backdrop, this film is a true New York Story. Winner: Pioneer Theater Short Film Slam 2001, Arlene Grocery Film Fest “Best Short Documentary” 2001.
The Quarry
Greg Chwerchak
Drama. 35mm & Video. 29:47. 2001. USA.

It was just a regular “ladies night” - or at least it was supposed to be. The next morning a handsome foreigner is found dead in the quarry behind a rural New Jersey home. Was it murder? An accident? A drunken orgy gone wrong? Three smalltown cops put the pieces together from the very different recollections of the women involved.Winner: Black Point Film Fest “Best of Fest, Drama”, Thunderbird International Film Fest “Best Film”, Worldfest Houston “Bronze Medal, Drama Catagory”, Rochester International Film Fest “Award of Excellence”
The Raging Leper
Aaron Sutherland
Animation. Video. 02:18. 2001. USA.

A seething mound of bile and wrath, The Leper describes his troubled relationship with his late Uncle Francis. Will an emotional resolution be achieved? Will The Leper obtain his beloved Mostess Twinkies? Will he manage to keep all his part attached till the end of the story? These questions and more are answered in The Raging Leper.
Nothing is Forever
Ephraim Horowitz
Documentary. Video. 19:40. 1999. USA.
Ephraim Horowitz recalls the Coney Island in his youth and contrasts it with Coney Island today.

Return to Sender
Helen Kaplan
Comedy. 16mm. 14:50. 2001. USA.

Waldo falls head over heels for Marcia at the National Spelling Bee. But after they’re crowned King & Queen of the Bee, Marcia returns home to Wisconsin and Waldo journeys back to Jersey. While they exchange love letters at first Marcia’s letters soon platonicize. Naturally, Waldo fears the worst. His lovesick fever spikes & he must see her. But how?
Robert Lyons
Documentary. 16mm. 02:00. 2002. USA.

Five years of 16mm film (1996-2000) shot live at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade is the source material for this short documentary tribute to the free thinking participants of this annual homage to vivacious fantasy and spirited abandon. Brooklyn-based experimental filmmaker Robert Lyons directs an appreciative eye on the people who make this street party freak-scene the increasingly popular part of the local culture that it has become.
Robert Lyons
Documentary. 16mm. 01:30. 2002. USA.
Each installment of this on-going series “Artists in Motion” documents the unique creative process of the independent-minded artist being focused on. Time-lapse cinematography is employed as a means of compressing the artists activities into a viewable time frame, making the process as much as much a work of art as the product. “Explicit”, the second film in this series features the artistry of Larry Davis as he proceeds to create an ambitious tattoo mural on his subjects living skin canvas.
Remember: Towers of Light
Robert Lyons
Documentary. 16mm. 02:00. 2002. USA.

The Towers of Light memorial located near NYC’s ground zero is documented using time-lapse cinematography. The longer exposures possible in the single frame process allowed for brilliant recording of the shafts of light back dropped by the dramatically changed downtown Manhattan skyline.
Phil Allocco
Experimental. Video. 04:00. 2002. USA.

Now interprets the compulsive unconscious relationship with thoughts through surreal imagery and abstract mood.
The Son of Samsonite
Mike Olenick
Experimental. Video. 09:30. 2002. USA.

A radically experimental narrative where multiple threads of information present the viewer with optical falsities, memories of real world disasters, and a polyglot of pop culture - all threatening to explode the narrative.

Sept. 22st, 2002
4:00pm Program

Coney Island
Anthony Ferraro
Comedy. 16mm. 06:00. 2001. USA.
One of 10 short vignettes inspired by the spectacle of Buster Keaton and the sensibility of Beckett .With Coney Island as a backdrop our Tramp is drawn into the drama of a day in which everything seems strange and everything seems familiar. With nowhere to go and nothing to do meaning becomes unavoidable.
Armor of God
Brett Ingram & Jim Haverkamp
Documentary.16mm. 12:45. 2001. USA.
Christianity and ear-splitting improvisational noise aren’t usually mentioned in the same breath, but they are the twin passions of North Carolina musician Scotty Irving, and the main elements of his one-man musical act, The Clang Quartet. Using homemade instruments that achieve incredible volumes (and inspired by Biblical verse), Irving challenges his audience to rethink traditional ideas about music and spirituality. “Armor of God” uses Irving’s visually arresting performance to peer into his motivations for walking so far out on musical and theological limbs. Winner: Black Maria Film Festival 2nd Place, Hi Mom! Film Festival Cinematography Award.
Tim Hynes
Animation. Video. 02:14. 2002. USA.

This animated short depicts two minutes in the life of a clever household insect. Utilizing his ingenuity and resourcefulness, the bug builds a drum set from household trash. His confidence as a drummer starts slowly but quickly gets away from him.
That Brief Moment
Doug Torres
Drama. Video. 16:16. 2001. USA.
“Why can’t I remember my childhood? The time when everything was so, simple...” The questions and thoughts raced through his brain. Never stopping... No moments of rest... No moments of peace... At least the cigarettes helped... Clarifying his ideas... Adding perspective... The cigarettes definitely helped... Until tonight... That Brief Moment... That Moment of Mania... Mesmerism... Misfortune... Or Something." Starring Christopher Meloni (OZ, Law & Order SVU). Winner: Worldfest Houston, Gold Special Jury Award Dramatic Film or Video.
Vic Thrill - Nobody’s Watching the Radar
Chris Cassidy
Music Video. Video. 03:30. 2002. USA.
The veil thins on an ultra-orthodox community only to reveal its own dabbling with sex toys. Based on a true first hand account of a courier regularly delivering dildos to Hasidic women; the women do not wait for the package to arrive at their home, rather they intercept it on the deliveryman's route to ensure total secrecy. The only other one to know is the courier...'til now.
The Skell
Timothy Kelleher
Drama. Video. 26:00. 2002. USA.
Short on money and even shorter on options, a contemptible low-life makes off with the suitcase of a sleeping priest at an Amtrak station. The contents of the suitcase provide the means for a radical new identity. This “new life” launches him into a long night in the casinos and streets of Atlantic City and a series of encounters that hold the opportunity to break, if only for a few moments, the dehumanizing pattern of his life. Starring: John Costelloe. Featuring: David Morse (Dancer in the Dark), Paul Giamatti (Private Parts) & Joseph Gannascoli (The Sopranos)
Silas And Mange: Mayonnaise Sandwich
Casimir Nozkowski
Comedy 16mm 01:00 12/2001 USA

“Lost” for over 60 years, this is one of the restored films by the 1927 comedy duo SILAS AND MANGE. The black and white silent comedy features classic gags and ragtime piano, a treat for young and old alike.
The Terror of the Invisible Man
Adam Roffman & Wayne Kimball
Comedy. 35mm. 01:20. 2001. USA.
You can’t see him, but oh, can you hear him! You can’t hide from him, but you probably won’t have to. A scientist who discovers the formula for invisibility quickly realizes that it is better to be a mad genius than just mad.
Documentary Bootcamp
Sheona McDonald
Comedy. Video. 08:52. 2002. Canada.
Six wannabe documentary filmmakers are put through their paces by Drill Sergeant Burt Suarzez in their quest to understand the form and process. Do you have what it takes to be a documentary filmmaker?
Coney Island Mermaid
Karen Kramer
Documentary. 16mm. 10:00. 1990. USA.

A time capsule of the Coney Island Mermaid parade. Filmed in the late eighties Coney Island Mermaid makes for a facsinating peek back at the early years of this annual summer solstice event. Featurning Coney Island USA artistic director Dick D. Zigun.
The Boatman’s Call Remix
Sergey Aniskov
Animation. Video. 02:50. 2002. USA
Sailors should know better than to mess with mermaids. This tale of melancholy, love, and adventure was inspired by the lyrics of "Lime-Tree Arbour", the poem written by Australian singer, songwriter and poet Nick Cave.

Sept. 22st, 2002
6:00pm Program

Steve Herold
Documentary. 16mm. 08:20. 2002. USA.

Hear how it was. See how it is. Asburied skillfully captures the image from Asbury Park’s present while we listen to it’s past through engaging stories by Stan Parratt who grew up in the town during it’s better days. Many other places in the world have similar stories about towns that have fallen on hard times. But Asbury Park captures the heart and soul of locals and famous alike, who can recall its history while feeling its sorrow of today.
Duncan Skiles
Drama. 16mm. 08:45. 2002. USA.

A shady transaction goes awry on the Coney Island pier.
Night Magic
Bernardo Ruiz
Drama 16:00 08/2002 USA
José has one dream left -- to become a magician. Despite the daily humiliations of a supervisor, the teasing from his domino partners and even the cruelty of a reality-TV magician, José  endures blow after blow in pursuit of his dream. This mini narrative takes William Faulkner's famous refrain to heart, "oh the lowly of the earth, to endure, tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow." It also features strippers, sword-swallowers, fire-eaters and glass chewing freaks.
The Big Tease
Steffie Nelson & Barry Link
Documentary. Video. 16:30. 2001. USA.
In May 2001 the beautiful and hedonistic city of New Orleans hosted the first Burlesque convention ever, Tease-o-rama. The Big Tease chronicles this three-day event, offering a fast-paced, feisty, feminist introduction to the modern Burlesque movement. The film features interviews with key figures in the current renaissance, such as The World Famous Pontani Sisters, as well as tantalizing performance footage that will leave you wanting more! Winner: Arlene Grocery Film Festival 2002 Best Documentary Short.
Rosario Garcia-Montero
Drama 16mm 08:15 02/2002 USA
A man wakes up trapped. A woman tries to break her confinement and isolation through an act of revenge. Her action reveals itself to be a veiled quest for empathy. Winner: Kodak award for Best Cinematography, Colorlab Award for Excellence in Narrative, New Media Award for Excellence in Non Sync Filmmaking.
Alex R. Johnson
Comedy. 16mm. 16:54. 2002. USA.
Spending time with family is what you’re supposed to do on Thanksgiving. It’s just that Rich was hoping it wouldn’t be his own. Winner: Dahlonega International Film Fest “Best Director & Best Narrative Short Film,” Humboldt International Film Fest “2nd Place,” Hardacre Film Fest “Honorable Mention,” Big Muddy Film Festival “Bronze Award.”
Lilly’s World of Wax
Tom Palazzolo
Documentary 16mm 28:00 USA A 1987
A portrait of Coney Island wax museum proprietress, Lilly Santangelo. Critic William J. Leahy deemed Lilly’s World of Wax one of legendary underground documentarianTom Palazzolo's best films.